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WELCOME ALL FIREFIGHTERS!  We are excited to launch this website for you!  It has been designed to promote all businesses, services, and products, owned/operated or sold by firemen (whether you are a career, volunteer, or retired firefighter).  Enrolling now!  Full marketing campaign to the public  targeted for July.  Please sign up today to take advantage of this new listing concept and ensure your business is promoted within the directory.

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 In order to grow the website as quickly as possible, we are excited to offer firemen a referral bonus opportunity!   During the inaugural start-up period, every fireman is encouraged to refer their fellow firemen to join  Every person that refers a fellow fireman* (whom registers with during the inaugural period), will receive a bonus payment.  The current bonus structure is to pay $10 for each eligible referral.  If a fireman refers a total of twenty five (25) fellow firemen (whom subsequently registers their business or services with during the inaugural period) the payout is increased to a total bonus opportunity of $500 for every 25 referrals by an individual.  

What are you waiting for?  Help spread the word and begin earning your referral payments today!  Thanks in advance for your consideration.


Thanks to the PFFO for adding the TRUSTaFIREMAN link to their webpage.  We appreciate the PFFO!

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    WELCOME AND THANKS FOR VISITING THE WEBSITE!  As this is a new concept and recently launched online directory, please note businesses are being added weekly and you are invited to check back as your needs warrant.  We value our TRUSTaFIREMAN Firefighter business partners and appreciate the residential and commercial community members visiting the site and considering the businesses listed herein.  Your patronage promotes the growth and success of the firefighters and the website and is a key component to our success.  Thank you.